Prizes are now awarded to up to five participants in each category or grade, to encourage more developing bands and quartets who are making their way up the ladder. Only the top half of any category or grade (rounded down if there are odd numbers), and not more than five bands in any category or grade, are entitled to a cash reward. For example, where there are eight participating bands in a specific category or grade, four will receive prizes, if nine four, if ten five, if eleven five, if twelve five. If three or less bands participate in any specific category or grade, all will receive prizes.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Juvenile Grade £300 £250 £200 £150 £100
Novice Juvenile A Grade £300 £250 £200 £150 £100
Novice Juvenile B Grade £300 £250 £200 £150 £100
Junior A Grade £300 £250 £200 £150 £100
Junior B Grade £300 £250 £200 £150 £100
Debut £300 £250 £200 £150 £100
Quartets £250 £200 £150 £100 £50
Freestyle £1000 £800 £600 £400 £200
Endeavour Award £500 £250 £100


Half of Freestyle prize money will be awarded to the associated pipe band for its exclusive use, and half will be awarded to the school music department. In cases where performers belong to combined schools within a local authority area, all the prize money will be awarded to the associated combined schools pipe band.

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