Travel expenses at The Championships

We recognise that travel expenses have risen a lot, and that this is a challenge for bands, so we will continue to offer additional help with travel costs in 2024, as with 2023.

State schools based more than 100 miles away qualify for £500 in travel assistance; where a ferry is involved and two nights away are required, £1000 can be claimed.

Quartets based more than 100 miles away quality for reimbursement of fuel costs at a rate of 20 pence per mile and/or public transport costs, up to a maximum of £200.  Where two nights away are involved, transport costs and accommodation costs of up to £400 can be claimed. Where public transport is taken, receipts must be provided.

To claim, please download and complete the Travel Subsidy Form and return by email to: 

Please note, travel expenses must be claimed within one month of the competition date.

We recognise the barrier for some bands who have to pay considerable costs to come to the Championships. We may consider increasing travel expenses in special circumstances, so if you feel you need additional help in getting to the Championships please contact us at:





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