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Bands and quartets entering and leaving the hall

The Scottish Schools Pipe Band Championships is an indoor competition. Bands/Quartets are not obliged to march in or out of the competing halls, but they should nevertheless enter and leave the competing hall in an organised manner. First impressions are always important in any competition.


A steward will be allocated to each school on arrival. The steward’s role will be to provide administrative assistance to the school throughout the day and to help ensure that it adheres to the playing timetable. Stewards will also be responsible for ensuring that all band members complete their relevant band sheets which will indicate names, school, age, gender and whether piper or drummer.

Prize giving

Recognising that some schools will have a long return journey, and therefore may be unable to attend prize-giving  at the end of the championships, such schools are asked to:

  • Nominate a representative to collect any prize that it may have been awarded;
  • Leave a forwarding school contact name and address with their steward.

Publication of results

Results of the 2017 Championships were released as follows. 2018 arrangements to be published in the autumn.

  • Juvenile and Novice Juvenile categories: Results published immediately at the end of the Championships.
  • Junior ‘A’, Junior ‘B’, Debut ‘A’, Debut ‘B’, Quartet and Freestyle categories:
    • Top half – published immediately at the end of the Championships.
    • Bottom half – released individually on request after 30 days.


There will be no separate changing facilities for girls and boys. Each school will be allocated its own classroom for the day in which they are to administer themselves in entirety.


Breakfasts and lunches will be available from the school cafeteria.  No alcohol will be available or will be allowed in the school.

Lost property

During the championships lost property should be handed into, and reclaimed from Reception. After the Championships please contact the Scottish Schools Pipes and Drums Trust at info@sspdt.org.uk

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