Open to all schools and combined schools participating in one of the other Championship categories. The Freestyle competition showcases the musical scope and versatility of the bagpipes and pipe band drums and their standing alongside other instruments.

Entrants can be:

  • a pipe band performing an innovative concert-style medley; or
  • a mixed musical ensemble comprising pipers and a range of other instrumentalists in which the percussion need not involve pipe band drummers.

Each school or combined schools participating in the pipe band or quartet competitions may enter only one concert-style pipe band or musical ensemble.

Each Freestyle band must comprise at least six players, of whom at least two must be pipers and one a drummer (not necessarily a pipe band drummer).

Choice of music will be entirely up to the school or combined schools concerned, but the piping and drumming element will be expected to be prominent.

Musicianship, harmony, originality, innovation, musical interpretation, presentation, rhythm, musical ensemble and vitality will be important as well as piping/ drumming technical proficiency.

A maximum of eight minutes to set up is allowed.

A maximum of five minutes playing time is permitted.

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