Please note that rules and eligibility are currently under review for the 2018 competition. Updated rules and eligibility will be published on this website as soon as possible.

Open to schools unable to form a pipe band but that wish to give pipers a competing experience. Combined schools quartets may also enter the competition provided that all participating pupil players attend schools within the same education authority.

Schools or combined schools without a pipe band may enter up to two quartets, after negotiation with and subsequent invitation by the organisers. Any combined schools quartets should not contain a player from a school which enters a quartet in its own right. There will be no limit to the number of years a pupil may compete as part of a school quartet.

Enter The Championships

Please check full rules & eligibility before completing the entry form.  Please complete all sections of this form in full.  Incomplete applications are not accepted.

Combined schools (if applicable)

Entrant Details

Playing Requirements

Two x two-parted 2/4 marches or one x four-parted 2/4 march (all of own choice).

Any changes must be notified to the organisers.

The 2018 Championships take place on Sunday 11th March.

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